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Welcome to the official site for FEMA's Great Lakes Coastal Flood Study, the comprehensive storm and wind study of the Great Lakes basin for the purpose of updating the coastal flood hazard information and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for Great Lakes coastal communities. Below you’ll find a list of the most recent meetings with their agendas, links to preliminary maps, and presentations. To the left you’ll find additional Great Lakes Coastal Flood Study content.

FEMA created this self-guided tutorial on coastal flood mapping that provides important information to coastal communities and their residents. FEMA’s “Coastal Hazards and Coastal Mapping: A Visual Guide” is a glossary of coastal mapping terms and a companion to the tutorial.

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Great Lakes Water Levels Special Report in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently published a very informative and interesting series on Water Levels in the Great Lakes called Uncharted Waters.

Part 1
Does Lake Michigan’s record low mark beginning of new era for Great Lakes?
At least 150 years of rhythmic pulses in Lake Michigan’s water levels appear to have shifted abruptly with loss of winter ice.

Part 2
Water flushes through a greatly widened drain below Lakes Michigan, Huron
Every time dredging widened and deepened the hole at the bottom of the lakes, the federal government was supposed to engineer a fix to maintain water levels – but it never did.


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International Upper Great Lakes Study Progress Report

In 2007, the International Joint Commission launched a five-year study to look at future water levels in the upper Great Lakes and the options for regulating those levels to support the region’s economic and environmental interests. In the entire upper lakes basin, water levels are currently influenced through a regulation plan at the St. Marys River control structures at Sault Ste. Marie, where Lake Superior outflows have been regulated since 1914.

Please view the Progress Report from the International Upper Great Lakes Study at this link

More information about the International Upper Great Lakes Study on their website: http://www.iugls.org/

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