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CCO Materials

Documents and information related to Consultation Coordination Officer (CCO) meetings as part of the Great Lakes Coastal Flood Study can be found below. Please email info@greatlakescoast.org if you are unable to locate specific CCO materials.

Flood Insurance

Keep Your Business in Business [.pdf]

Map Changes and Flood Insurance [.pdf]

A Small Investment Protects You From a Big Problem [.pdf]

Hazard Mitigation

Mitigation Saves [.pdf]

Mitigation for Homeowners [.pdf]

Mitigation’s Value to Your Community [.pdf]

Benefits of Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning [.pdf]

NFIP – 2018 Codes and ASCE 24 Checklist [.pdf]


Understanding FEMA’s Summary of Map Actions and Revalidation Letter [.pdf]

Using LiDAR for Letters of Map Amendment [.pdf]

How to Request a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill (LOMR-F) [.pdf]


Armoring Structures [.pdf]

Letter of Map Revision Process [.pdf]

VE Zone [.pdf]


Please also see the Fact Sheets page for additional materials.